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Make a unique and personalized gift to your dearest ones and colleagues – give them a voucher for their own colour mini sculpture.

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3D Scanning

3D Scanning
3D scanning parameters of the booth:
Measurement method optical double triangulation
Measurement accuracy average max. circumference
errors < 1 mm.
Scan time approx.. 6 to 10 sec.
Point density 200 точки cm³
Measurement zone (height x width x depth) 2100 mm x 1200 mm x 1000 mm³

3D scanning is gaining popularity in various market fields thanks to the innovative way of delivering realistic information to the user. High technology development leads to bigger and bigger expectations for the authenticity of the images people see and their similarity with the reality.

zetaFORMS offers full-body 3D scanning in a booth produced by the German company VITRONIC - VITUS BODYSCAN 3D body scanner. This technology allows anyone to integrate themselves quickly and easily into digital worlds, video and film productions as a perfect 3D image.

VITRONIC 3D VITUS bodyscan is a system for three-dimensional contactless measurement of people and objects.

It offers high quality and speed of scanning (10 seconds) and quick computation of the scanned 3D image (several minutes). The laser-based 3D measuring process is highly accurate and reliable. Even textures such as hair color and the color of clothing can be captured and included with the scanner. It takes only seconds from scan to 3D avatar.

Scanning is totally health safe and suitable for all ages including small kinds and pets.

The producer of our 3D scanning booth VITRONIC, Germany is a world technological leader in laser measurement and production of laser measurement devices, responsible for speed control cameras and toll system in whole Germany.

3D scanning in the booth is useful for:

  • professionals in the field of 3D animation, digital games, augmented reality and virtual reality;
  • projects in movie making;
  • on-line shops offering 3D visualization of items like clothes;
  • owners of desktop 3D printers who can 3D print figurines in different size and materials, etc.

As a result of 3D scanning the client receives a high-resolution 3D file with textures, and if needed zetaFORMS offers digital processing of the scanned image.

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Full-body 3D scanning - 100 BGN without VAT



Personal 3D Figurine

Physical figurine (sculpture) – mini you. Suitable to keep the special moments like graduation, marriage, pregnancy as well as a unique gift.

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3D Dioramas

Thanks to 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies we can make your diorama reproducing in details even the most complex forms.

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Your Personal Hologram as augmented reality

You can use your smartphone and augmented reality technology to see through your camera a picture on which you yourself pop-up.

This can be implemented on our business card, ad material, package.

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3D Crystals with laser engraving

Crystal parallelipiped or cube with your 3D engraved figurine or plate made by photo.

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3D Souvenirs

3D logo, Personalized objects, Souvenirs, Gifts

You can surprise your clients and partners with personalized objects and souvenirs fully done by 3D printer or gifts in small series made by a combination of modern and traditional technologies.


Electronic products based on 3D scanning

3D selfie - your digital 3D scanned image in video format.

Screensaver with your 3D scanned image.


Your Personal 3D Figurine

Personal 3D mini figure

Personal 3D mini figure is a physical figurine – a sculpture of you. It is exceptionally detailed – body forms and clothes texture and colour are identical to the original.

Personal 3D figurines are original and unusual gift. They are a unique way to keep the special moments like first birthday, first school day, pregnancy, graduation, wedding, sports or other success.

It has never been faster and easier to create your 3D portrait. Only celebrities could enjoy their figurines exhibited in wax figures museums till recently. Thanks to the new 3D scanning booth now everyone can hold their mini copy in their hands.

How is it done?


3D scanning

Your magic transformation from real world to a digital model is done exceptionally quickly in the 3D scanning booth – up to 10 seconds.



We process the digital model in a special way to make your figurine look nice and realistic.


3D printing

The most modern colour 3D printing technology is being used to build layer by layer the final figurines.



Up to 3-4 days for monochrome figurines and up to 3-4 weeks for colour figurines. You can choose whether to pick up the ready figurine from us and or to get it by fast courier service to your home or company office.


Price list for personal 3D figurines

Lower prices now!

  • Colour full body 3D figurine
  • height / price
  • up to 8cm. 175 BGN.
  • 10 cm. 199 BGN.
  • 12 cm. 279 BGN.
  • 15 cm. 329 BGN.
  • 18 cm. 399 BGN.
  • 20 cm. 439 BGN.
  • 25 cm. 549 BGN.
  • 30 cm. 699 BGN.
  • Group of two colour figurines
  • height / scale / price
  • up to 8cm.(1:22) 365 BGN.
  • 10 cm.(1:18) 418 BGN.
  • 12 cm.(1:15) 583 BGN.
  • 15 cm.(1:12) 688 BGN.
  • 18 cm.(1:10) 849 BGN.
  • 20 cm.(1:09) 949 BGN.
  • 25 cm.(1:07) 1199 BGN.
  • 30 cm.(1:06) 1499 BGN.
  • Parent with one kid
  • height / scale / price
  • up to 8cm.(1:22) 249 BGN.
  • 10 cm.(1:18) 299 BGN.
  • 12 cm.(1:15) 379 BGN.
  • 15 cm.(1:12) 499 BGN.
  • 18 cm.(1:10) 649 BGN.
  • 20 cm.(1:09) 699 BGN.
  • 25 cm.(1:07) 899 BGN.
  • 30 cm.(1:06) 1199 BGN.
  • Colour 3D portrait
  • height / price
  • 7 cm. 199 BGN.
  • 8 cm. 239 BGN.
  • 10 cm. 269 BGN.
  • 12 cm. 309 BGN.
  • 15 cm. 399 BGN.
  • 18 cm. 529 BGN.
  • 20 cm. 649 BGN.
  • 22 cm. 799 BGN.

NEW!!! Full-body monochrome 3D figurine made of ABS

Within 3-4 days after 3D scanning

Any colour of your choice: red, orange, yellow, android green, green, sky blue, blue, warm grey, cool grey, black.

height / price
  • 10 cm. 49 BGN.
  • 12 cm. 69 BGN.
  • 15 cm. 99 BGN.
* The above prices include VAT and do not include delivery.

Bigger figurines are more detailed.
The listed prices are valid for standard postures for 3D scanning and 3D printing. Elements like bags, hats, large accessories, wedding dresses, etc. are paid additionally.
Please contact us for price of different size than the listed above.



Diorama of all sculptures of Sand Fest 2016
Diorama of all sculptures of Sand Fest 2016

Movie Characters of Sand Sculptures Fest are Kept Forever

Diorama of all sculptures of Sand Fest 2016 is made by zetaFORMS and exposed in Flora Exhibition Centre in Burgas. This 3D artwork reproduces in detail the geometry and proportions of the sand figures.

Such miniatures are made for second year in a row aiming to keep the art of the fest for the coming generations.


It is not enough to use the technique and experience of standard diorama making. It is a big challenge to ...read more
Landmark Bank attempts to attract prospective customers with its 3D printed figurines
Landmark Bank attempts to attract prospective customers with its 3D printed figurines

3D printed figurine as an extra temptation

Different KFC restaurants in India are offering their customers a 3D printed mini figurines, if they buy a specific product, the KFC I-Box. The chosen restaurants have set up a full-body 3D scanning booths by Twindom.

The well-known toy that comes with a fast food chain’s happy meal is something popular all over the world. No matter if we are talking about McDonalds, Burger King or KFC, the plastic trinket’s temptation has long since lost ...read more


Here you can find the questions our clients are most often interested in.
In case you have other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


No booking is necessary within our standard working hours - Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 6 p.m. If your prefer certain day and hour with no waiting, you can book it at info@zetaforms.com or at tel. 0887 344079 or 0884 184409 including outside our standard working hours.
Absolutely. No harms for human health.
Certificate, Certificate
Yes, they can pose for 3D scanning individually or together with other person in the booth, they can also be hold in a parent’s hands.
Yes. The body topology is captured absolutely precisely.Colours are very close to the real ones.
3D scanning in the booth is done very quickly – up to 10 seconds. You should pose for this period of time with no moving.
Yes. Our advice is to choose a posture that you feel comfortable with. Please consult our colleagues whether your preferred posture could be produced.
The figurine will be dressed the same way as you are during scanning. Based on our practice certain clothes and colours produce better result than others. For example, figurines dressed in bright colours are more impressive than those dressed mainly in black.
Our products are collector's items, intended for adults. They are not suitable for small children. Some products may contain small parts and there is choking or swallowing danger.
We can make them as big as needed. Above certain size the figurines will be made in parts and fixed together afterwards. Please refer to the Price List section for an idea of the cost versus size ratio. Please contact us for further details.
Colour figurines are made of a high tech building material by industrial 3D printer. They have a slightly grainy surface, similar to unglazed ceramics.
Yes. If a figurine falls down some of its smaller parts may break, for example, foot or a hand. Usually very clean cuts happen, so they can be easily repaired by a glue. Besides, we keep the original files, so you can order new copies whenever you may need them.
They need the same cares as the traditional photographs. Keep them away from direct sunlight and from liquids. Use a dry soft brush to remove dust.
Радостта да държиш собствената си фигура в ръка

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