Would You Like a Personal Souvenir?

Boutique series or single numbers

Personal 3D printed gift

If you are one of that people that like to have the only piece, then you’ve come to the right place. We can deliver what you need in a small series or even in exactly one number, especially for you. Because we know that there’s no better souvenir than the personal one. 3D modelling and 3D printing technology will be our best assistant on the way to your personal souvenir.

Corporate souvenirs

Our team of designers can turn your logo into a physical 3D object. That could be either an impressive object for your desk, or a “useful” object, like business card case, badge or pencil holder. You can make a gift to your partners that reminds of you every time the eye rests upon it. Unlike the usual corporate gifts that could be branded with your logo, the three dimensions we offer, give you a totally new way to set your imagination free.

Museum exhibits

We collaborate with a number of museums, like National Museum of Natural History, Polytechnical Museum Sofia, National History Museum. We have scanned a selection of their exhibits, which after editing have been turned into mini souvenirs, specific for the museum and its exibition. Using combination of different methods and technologies we achieve reasonable end prices for these souvenirs, even in case of small series of production.

Call us, so that we can find out what we could do for you. The price for the design and the production time depend too much on each individual case’s complexity, to be able to place them here. Call us, and we’ll be able to specify them for you. The result is worth.

You can contact us at tel: 0887 344 079 or by e-mail at: info@zetaforms.com.

Give pleasure and joy with a personal 3D souvenir!