Come to Life from a Picture Your Digital Figurine as Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology which enables superimposing digital objects over physical ones. You scan the object with a mobile app and a three-dimensional figurine appears on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. This can be your own 3D figurine!

You can come to life on your business card, book, catalogue, ad material, package.

How does it all happen?


сканиране в цял ръст

We scan you in our 3D scanning booth and generate your 3D digital image.


виртуално 3D изображение

We attach your virtual 3D image to a a physical object of your choice.


подложка с добавена реалност

Scan the object with the free app ScanAR  and your figurine comes to life.

For more information and booking of 3D scanning appointment please contact us at tel. 0887 344079, 0889 501008 or at email:

Use your smartphone and augmented reality technology to see your digital 3D figurine.