Crystals with Laser Engraved 3D Image For a Solid Presence

Crystals with your 3D image are an unique product and a wonderful gift for a loved one, for a friend or for a colleague. They are extremely suitable for a special occasion, achieved success or an important life event of our beloved people.

3D Engraved Crystals

Your 3D sculpture is laser engraved in a crystal parallelipiped or cube. We make 3D scanning in a booth similar to those photo booths where you enter for some seconds and receive your portrait photo. Thanks to the innovative technology of 3D scanning full-body photos are taken simultaneously from all sides! The result is a digital 3D image as a basis for your 3D engraved crystal.

2D Crystals

Based on a picture, we engrave the image in a crystal plate. It is perfect for a surprise gift. Just send us a good quality picture of the person. Text upon your wish can be added too to strengthen further the personalisation effect.

A corporate gift with your logo

We can incorporate your logo and preferred slogan into this flat crystal. Whether a "trophy" for a distinguished employee or a present for a special business partner, this crystal will deliver your corporate message with an extremely luxurious finish.

Price list of the crystals:

Model Size Price in BGN incl. VAT

50 х 50 х 80

60 х 60 х 100

80 х 80 х 150

70 BGN

95 BGN

130 BGN


40 х 40 х 40

50 х 50 х 50

60 х 60 х 60

47 BGN

59 BGN

83 BGN

Plate Landscape

102 х 152 х 10

71 BGN

Plate Portrait

76 х 25 х 127

102 х 30 х 178

71 BGN

95 BGN

Plate Hearth

127 х 30

78 BGN

Plate Rhomb

200 х 60 х 209

155 BGN*

Plate Diamond

152 х 35

143 BGN*

Plate Glass

вис. 230, ф220

143 BGN*

Keyholder with picture

30 х 20 х 15

25 BGN

* Price can vary depending on the complexity to make 3D logo.

Visit our 3D scanning booth for a full-body scan and for laser engraved crystal with your 3D image.

If you’re planning a surprise gift, just send us the picture you wish to be laser engraved in a crystal plate at email:

Send us your logo and we will give it a unique 3D effect.

You will receive your ready crystal in up to 5 business days.

You can find us in: Sofia, 18, Oborishte Str. - 3D Spot or reach us at: tel. 0887 344 079, 0889 501 008 or by e-mail at:

Make a solid gift with a 3D engraved crystal!