Full-body 3D Scanning – For the First Time in BulgariaQuick, Fast and Precise

3D scanning is gaining popularity in various market fields thanks to the innovative way of delivering realistic information to the user. High technology development leads to bigger and bigger expectations for the authenticity of the images people see and their similarity with the reality.

We offer full-body 3D scanning in a booth produced by the German company VITRONIC - VITUS BODYSCAN 3D body scanner. This technology allows anyone to integrate themselves quickly and easily into digital worlds, video and film productions as a perfect 3D image. The producer of our 3D scanning booth VITRONIC, Germany is a world technological leader in laser measurement and production of laser measurement devices, responsible for speed control cameras and toll system in whole Germany.

VITRONIC 3D VITUS bodyscan  is a system for three-dimensional contactless measurement of people and objects.

We offer high quality and speed of scanning (10 seconds) and quick computation of the scanned 3D image (several minutes).

The laser-based 3D measuring process is highly accurate and reliable. Even textures such as hair color and the color of clothing can be captured and visualized by the scanner. It takes only seconds from scan to 3D avatar.

Scanning is totally health safe and suitable for all ages including small kids and pets.

3D scanning in the booth is suitable for:

  • professionals in the field of 3D animation, digital games, augmented reality and virtual reality;
  • projects in movie making;
  • on-line shops offering 3D visualization of items like clothes;
  • owners of desktop 3D printers who can 3D print figurines in different size and materials, etc.

Price of full-body 3D scanning – 120 BGN with VAT.

As a result of 3D scanning you receive a high-resolution 3D file with textures, and if needed we offer digital processing of the scanned image.

3D Scanning

3D scanning parameters of the booth:
Measurement method optical double triangulation
Measurement accuracy average max. circumference
errors < 1 mm.
Scan time approx. 6 to 10 sec.
Point density 200 points cm³
Measurement zone (height x width x depth) 2100 mm x 1200 mm x 1000 mm³

Book your appointment for 3D scanning at telephone: 0887 344079 or by email: info@zetaforms.com or here.

Fast, precise and colour full-body 3D scanning in the only 3D scanning booth in Bulgaria!