We make your 3D scanning in the first and only for now 3D scanning booth in Bulgaria. It is produced by the German company VITRONIC – world technological leader in production of laser measurement devices.

Personal 3D sculpture is a physical figurine – a mini statue of you. It is exceptionally detailed – body forms and clothes texture and colour are identical to the original.

You can be the first to make your dearest people, friends and business partners enjoy an unusual and most personal gift – their own mini figurine.

It has never been faster and easier to create your 3D portrait. Only celebrities could enjoy their figurines exhibited in wax figures museums till recently. Thanks to the new 3D scanning booth now everyone can hold their mini copy in their hands.

How is it done?


Book an appointment for 3D scanning

Our 3D scanning booth is currently installed in Sofia, 35 Oborishte Str. Floor 2. Your can book an appointment for 3D scanning at tel. 00359 887 344079, at email: info@zetaforms.com or here.


3D scanning

We make your magic transformation from real world to a digital model exceptionally quickly in our 3D scanning booth – for 10 seconds. We can make your 3D photo session and chose together the best posture and smile for your figurine.



We process the digital model in a special way to make your figurine look nice and realistic and prepare the digital for 3D printing.


3D printing

We build layer by layer your figurine using the most modern 3D printing technology. The respective technological building material is used based on your wish. For example, the colour figurines are 3D printed by colour sandstone, the monochrome ones are 3D printed by polymer.



Up to 4-6 days for monochrome figurines and up to 4-6 weeks for colour figurines. You can choose whether to pick up the ready figurine from us or get it by fast delivery service to your home or company office.

Make a Surprise in 3D

If you want to make a surprise – give a voucher for personal figurine of type and size upon your wish. We will send you electronic voucher by email or physical one by fast delivery service. We will scan the voucher holder at a time of his convenience.

You can make a surprise with gift card and will be among the first to give a personal figurine to your dearest people, close friends and business partners.

Price list for personal 3D figurines

Best Seller
height 10 cm. 12 cm. 15 cm. 18 cm. 20 cm. 25 cm.
scale (1:18) (1:15) (1:12) (1:10) (1:9) (1:7)
price 199 BGN 279 BGN 329 BGN 399 BGN 439 BGN 549 BGN

* Prices are with VAT.

Bigger figurines are more detailed.
The listed prices are valid for standard postures. Elements like bags, hats, large accessories, wedding dresses, etc. are paid additionally.
Please contact us for price of different size than the listed above.

Book an appointment for 3D scanning at telephone: 0887 344079, 0889 501008 or by email: info@zetaforms.com or here.

Personal 3D figurine – already in Bulgaria!

Make a lovely gift to your special people and keep your special moment in most modern way – make them in 3D!