Have You Seen Your Object from a Bird's Eye?

The Devil's in the Details

If your object stretches over great area and you wish to see it all with a single glance, placed on your tabletop, then the idea of a Diorama probably have crossed your mind. That way you could not only make a precise demonstration of an existing object or a business, but you could also visualize planned changes. And why not make an instantaneous snapshot of something perishable? In 3D!

We create your Diorama combining high technologies like 3D scanning, 3D printing, 3D modelling with handmade environment finishes. That’s how we precisely recreate existing objects and buildings at a reasonable price. Our experience ranges from a many hectares’ large-scale manufacturing bases, to construction of buildings that still exist only in their creator’s mind. For fifth year in a row we manage to immortalize something as passing as the sand sculptures of the Festival in Burgas, leaving long-lasting trail in something more than just a picture.

We use a precise shooting of the objects that you need. Depending on their size we may need 60-70 pictures from all sides or a careful flying-over with a drone. After that our team of engineers and designers constructs and edits their accurate 3D models. That gives us an indisputable advantage over the traditional Diorama methods - achieving both higher accuracy and shorter production time. We could even add mini human figurines in appropriate scale upon request, to illustrate important points of your Diorama.

You can contact us at tel: 0887 344 079 or by e-mail at: info@zetaforms.com.

Look from a "bird's eye" and enjoy the perfect details of your diorama!